06 November 2006

Ok here it is - Penne & Prawns with tomatoes

40g butter
200g tinned tomatoes with juice, pureed
250g penne
2 tspn olive oil
500g raw prawns peeled and deveined
2 garlic cloves peeled and squashed a bit
2 tbspns calvados
2 1/2 tbspns single cream
1 tbspn chopped parsley
melt half the butter and when it is sizzling add the tomatoes, a little salt and a dash of pepper. cook over a medium heat for 10 mins until it is thick

cook the pasta as instructed

fry the prawns in the remaining butter & olive oil with the garlic until they (the prawns) are quite bright and the undersides are golden and crusty in places. WHen they are cooked scatter them with salt. Add the calvados and cook until it evaporates

drain the pasta, keeping a cup of the cooking water. Add the tomato sauce to the prawns along with the cream and parsley. Heat until just bubbling. add the pasta and toss well. if it looks like you need it add a little o the cooking water to help the sauce coat the pasta. serve immediate with a grinding of pepper.

brought to you by Tessa Kiros Apples for Jam

fuck pureeing the tomatoes, just use passata
chop or crush the garlic
use whatever pasta you have
cooked prawns work just as well (we can not for love, money or sexual favours, get raw prawns in this part of London)
forget the brandy & parsley

forget about thickening the tomatoes, passata is thick enough
cook pasta
fry garlic and prawns in butter & olive oil until done
add tomatoes, swig of single cream and pasta

Admittedly I've never actually made the proper version but the lazy version is very very yummy even when made with children's alphabet pasta (bought to try to entice FB to eat pasta - failed).


aunty evil said...

Do not adjust your speakers, that smacking sound is not static, it is the sound of my lips imagining the Penne sliding past them.

Velco, thanks, when I get back from hols, I am going to try that one!

daysgoby said...

Oh, that sounds delicious
(and the lazy way sounds more realistic and yummy)

Geggie said...

That sounds lovely! I think I'll have to jot that recipe down. I found your site through NaBloPoMo. Have a great week!

caramaena said...

Sounds yummy. Think I'll have to try it (lazy version of course - much easier!)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

meggie said...

Hi I am here from Aunty Evil, who has rapidly become a favourite.
I have enjoyed reading your blog, & will try you lazy version with the pasta dish. Though we can & do, get lovely raw prawns here!
Yes I think you should up-sticks & come to Oz!