01 November 2006

Wednesday 1st November

Day one of the month of blogging....

things chez velcro are slowly settling down; firstborn has so far failed to swamp the bathroom and utility room in 5 days and the downstairs neighbours are either very forgiving (they have the same landlord as us) or very very shortsighted and failed to see the Niagra Falls flowing down their walls.
Halloween was very quiet this year. We only had three trick/treaters so we now have a cupboard full of little bars of chocolate, oh well I know a certain mummy and little boy (who has a face covered in chocolate) who will be happy to get it all eaten. We didn't dress up for it, but we did disembowle and carve two pumpkins. I wish I had taken a photo of them because they sat on the worksurface yesterday evening looking like two gossiping women.

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