26 November 2006

nothing much happening here

Rhyme :: reason

Substantial :: increase

Instant :: pudding

Greed :: Mr Men

Brad :: Pitt of course

Season :: to be merry

Accomplished :: author

Invite :: party

Sparkle :: makeup

Rainbow :: Rod, Jane & Freddy

from here via Pea Soup


    aunty evil said...

    Your title summed it up nicely, but what a choice to spend time on! How about posting that banana bread recipe instead? My mouth has been watering ever since you mentioned it. Bugger the lack of bananas here, I will find some just to try it!

    velcro said...

    Ok Aunty shall post it tonight for you

    nutmeg said...

    Looking at your previous post and saw a number of books that also grace my shelves. Though I only have one large one in the living room; 5 shelves - then I would be in heaven!

    velcro said...

    Nutmeg we need another 6 bookcases in the livingroom just to cope with the books we have now.
    I am so glad to know that there is someone else out there with the same book buying compulsion as me.