14 November 2006

Do you think the Priory would help with this?

Hello I'm Velcro and I'm a maltesers addict. I've managed to keep it under control for 8 years but recently it seems to have come back with avengence. It's just that they are so delicious and don't coat my fingers with chocolate unlike this yummy stuff.

The cross stitch is coming on slowly. The background is complete and I am working on the border which I have to say is very tedious. I've got to the point now where I am starting to plan my next thing and this, I think, is making finishing this one very hard.


kirsty said...

Now, see, you and I will never be able to go to the movies together because I don't even like the SMELL of maltesers. Yuk.

nutmeg said...

Isn't it always the way. As sonn as you think to what's coming up next it makes completing the current project hard (especially if it's the border!)

I find this with books sometimes soon.

Here's hoping the test results are good :-)

nutmeg said...

That "sonn" should be "soon".

That "sometimes soon" should be "sometimes too".

Bloody typo's!

caramaena said...

As long as you're not eating maltesers while you're cross stitching :)

angelfeet said...

Mmm, chocolate. Hello, I dropped by via the NaBloPoMO randomizer. I'm in South London too, and therefore I'm competing with you for the available chocolate supplies ;-)

My float said...

Chocolate, yuum.

Anonymous said...

Ahh but the link says in the 30s they marketed them as good for weight loss. So no need to feel guilty -- they're practically health food.

velcro said...

really? weight loss? now I don't feel guilty about eating well I shalln't say how many 100s of grams over the last week. Obviously when I pluck up enough courage to stand on the scales I shall be thrilled to discover I am now as waif like as Kate Moss (perhaps that's her secret and not the coke!)
or perhaps they lied.

Anonymous said...

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