24 November 2006

cos it's Friday

I love Fridays. I don't have a job, or rather I don't have an external go to work kind of job but I still love Fridays. They are the special day in our house; the day that the FB gets to eat his beloved chocolate, and have his specially planned evening.
Fridays have always been special. I grew up in the Middle East where the weekend is Thursday and Friday. Fridays were our chocolate day as children too. We would have a leisurely breakfast sometimes even having croissants which had been flown in from Paris the day before (so a very very expensive treat). And then in the evening my mother would cook something delicious for dinner. If we were very lucky we would have Roast Beef, and the best bit about that is of course the Yorkshire Pudding. Frankly if my mother had served up the Yorkshire Pudding and gravy, and missed out the beef I would not have been that fussed.
Now I live in the UK where the weekends are Saturday and Sunday, and we aren't woken at dawn by the call to prayer from the mosques, and still Fridays are special. And I know it is very vain but part of me hopes that the sight of a little boy running down the road, chocolate stains round his mouth, shouting "I had some chocolate mummy, I have lots of energy now. I can run!" makes a minute in someone else's life a little special too.


nutmeg said...

That would make me smile seeing FB do that!

I too love Fridays. It is the one day of the working week that my husband leaves work by six pm and gets some Indian take away (or whatever my current obsession is) on the way home. He's here in time to see the girls before bed and then I eat my dinner and put on a DVD and have a beer (or my current fave a Cosmopolitan) and JUST CHILL OUT. We are currently working our way through the original Stars Wars series. And to me it is also the end of the working week. Two people share the children duties over the weekend. Bliss.

velcro said...

We do that - work through series. Last Christmas we watched the whole of All Creatures Great and Small and now we're going through Six Feet Under. Creatures is fabulous on a cold, rainy, windy day (like today!)

aunty evil said...

Hi Velcro, it's nice to be reading you again after my break away. I will catch up on your earlier posts as the weekend progresses! :)

I adore Yorkshire Pudding. My sister makes the best I have ever had. Unfortunately, she lives interstate so I don't get to have it much.

I also adore chocolate. While we were away, we went to a small country chocolate maker factory. The sights and smells (and the tastes of the samples) made my head swim with waves of desire. MDH made the comment that he doesn't cause the same reaction, I told him "of course you do...just in a different way...now move while I try this sample".

velcro said...

Aunty I am so jealous of your visit to the chocolate factory, and giggling at your remark to MDH! Men just don't understand the whole chocolate thing do they.