12 November 2006

Remember You're a Womble

I haven't seen that show in years, in fact I don't think I ever have. Read the books though and loved them when I was little, and for some reason the song has just leapt into my head. Hence today's title. Or are the titles meant to relate in some way to the text below?
I was going to put the recipe for West Country Chicken up tonight. MrV made it for Sunday lunch and it was absolutely delicious. But my wireless network is bucking worse than a wild horse at a rodeo and I doubt that it will stay up long enough for me to put an entire recipe. So tomorrow it shall be. And will give me enough time to see if I can find a link to the Wurzels "I've got a brand new combined harvester" which really ought to be played whilst cooking. Swigging cider is also allowed, and the odd "oohh arrr" too, though in a Dorset/Sumerset accent rather than a pirate (unless you were pretending to be West Country pirate).
Mr V took the FB swimming today (in Wimbledon - see a connection has been made to the title, alas not on Wimbledon Common, there aren't any swimming pools on there and it is a little cold to be swimming outdoors) and I got some mummy time which was so lovely. Am still going through that first trimester exhaustedness stage, although there is some debate as to whether the 12th week is first or second trimester. Either way am shattered and need to sleep 23 hours a day.


kirsty said...

My sister LOVED the Wombles! I thought they were dumb. But the theme song sure is catchy ;-)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I adored the Wombles and was a bit taken aback recently when my three saw it on tv for the first time and declared them "scary" (the twins) and "kinda weird" (the pea princess).

I then won enormous Mummy Cred points by singing the entire Wombles song. Twice. Just to prove how much they SHOULD love them.

Glad you're getting abit of rest. I remember well the first trimester exhaustion. Mine lasted til about 14 weeks each time.

Good luck!

velcro said...

You get the Wombles on tv? I wish we did so the FB could see them and understand why we go on Womble hunts on Wimbledon Common (there are no Wombles in Wimbledon except for one in an estate agent's window)

caramaena said...

Yay, for mummy time :)

I remember that tiredness so well. We went to a new year's eve party during the early months of my pregnancy and I had to take a nap in the host's bedroom because I just couldn't keep my eyes open! It was the only way I made it to midnight - hehe

meggie said...

We had the Wombles on TV & my kids, who are now adults, used to love them! I never learnt the song, but I'll bet my daughter still knows it.
Sleep & rest when you can, & Good Luck!