08 November 2006

It’s a Grey Day in Balamory

(apologies to those lucky enough not to live in thrall to CBeebies)

It’s one of those days in South London when the sky is such a perfect shade of grey that people turn into shadowless zombies or is it vampires that don’t have shadows?; and the buildings all stand out against the sky in fantastic relief. I think I must be amongst the very very few people who actually love grey days. It doesn’t bother me not to see the sun for a day, but then I am after all Scottish and we go months without seeing either the sun or healthy food!

And on the subject of umm less than healthy eating, I had to face the horrible fact that the large protuberance on my front was not as I thought a baby belly. Not, unless the baby is a freakish lemon meringue pie, dairy milk chocolate, and pizza fetus. So back to eating cereal for breakfast, and not nutella balancing on toast; salad for lunch, and not sandwiches; and give up on the takeaways for tea. When I was pregnant with FB I gained a whopping 6 stone (38kg) and not surprisingly I experienced so much pain in my hips and pelvic area from carrying around all that weight. So this time I have to keep my weight under control.

And now all I can think of are chocolate cakes, cream filled doughnuts…..

(tea tonight was a pumpkin & lentil stew with chickpeas and carrots. It was blended down so the carrots weren't visible anymore and FB ate two helpings!)


aunty evil said...

Ahhh, blended carrots, the only way I will eat them. I cannot stand the taste of cooked carrots so if they even make it into any of my meals, they are grated or blended. If carrots are served with my meal, I have to offload them before I can eat. Ugh.

I see you have changed your image, I had to look twice at first, I thought I had landed somewhere else! :)

velcro said...

I love carrots, especially organic ones which are just so incredibly taste. but i'm not that fond of them when they're raw.

yes i didn't like the blueness of it after all. now after sticking all the links in and everything, i'm not sure of this one either!

kirsty said...

Thanks for saying nice things about my quilt :) It's nice to meet you! I can relate to the getting-porkier-while-pregnant thing. I gained a gazillion kilos too. Sadly I'm still wearing a lot of them.

meggie said...

Had to laugh about the carrots.
I love all vegies, but GOM hates most of them! I have to disguise them in all sorts of ways, so he doesnt realise what he is eating.

He was force fed them when young. I cant see the point if forcing kids to eat things they hate.

I did very well in the no weight gains with my sons... but when my daughter came along, I suspect I looked just as pregnant from the back, as the front!
Good luck with the diet.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

good luck with the weight thing. I'm almost considering (re-) taking up jogging as my two youngest are 4yo and I can blame them no longer!!

nutmeg said...

I stacked on the weight with #1 and vowed not to do it again. I did manage to gain less the second time around. It is possible. Though you do have to keep your eye on the ball (and not the chocolate!) After daughter #2 arrived it felt much better not having to return to a "normal" size from a place so far removed :-)

nutmeg said...

Oh, and I like grey days. It must be my Scottish heritage showing as well!

caramaena said...

I read this post this morning and have had the Balamory theme song in my head all day!

Good luck with the weight thing. I didn't gain a whole lot with mine (I had the weight beforehand). To start with I lost my taste for chocolate early on (oh, the horror!) then for the last part I had gestational diabetes and the OB was telling me to make sure I ate enough. I would have done that - if I was allowed to have chocolate (since my taste for it had come back by then... /sigh)

My float said...

I love fresh raw carrots. MMmm. My son won't eat them though. He's of the 'must be blended before I eat them' variety!!

Good luck with the weight thing. (Love nutella on toast for breakfast but alas, can't do it anymore!)

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