09 November 2006

Not good really

Today was the Peanut's 3rd scan. This one was to check that everything is going well, growing ok, check dates etc (first two were to make sure that it was in the right place and hadn't gotten lost on the way to the womb). And it's not. Going well that is. Or so they think. The Peanut has a 1 in 31 chance that it's Downs. So on Monday I've got to have another test to confirm or (hopefully) refute this. Cross your fingers please for us that it is one of the 30 lucky ones.

I may be a bit down for a while. Bear with me please.

(Jess I wasn't up to making your soup this evening, but will do it tomorrow.)


aunty evil said...

Ohhh Velcro, I hope it all goes well for you. I'm sorry I won't be here when you go for your next test, but I will be thinking about you and sending you good vibes. I'm sending you a huge cyber-hug!

velcro said...

thanks Aunty. Maybe I'll have some good news for you when you get back from your hols.

kirsty said...

Hang in there, Velcro. I have yet to know ANYONE for whom these bloody tests were accurate.Our eldest boy had Down syndrome.He passed on three years ago. I don't regret a thing, nor would I have missed it for the world.
All will be well. Thinking of you xx

velcro said...

oh Kirsty I'm so sorry to hear about your son dying. I can not imagine how awful it must be to lose a child

daysgoby said...

K, A 1 in 31 chance still mean there are 30 chances the Peanut would be okay.

I'll be thinking of you, and holding you in my heart.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I hope you had a more positive genetic counsellor than we did when she told us one of our twins had a 1:180 chance of being Downs - VILE woman, I still get angry thinking about how much she upset my husband - so much that when the second test also showed some Downs indications in skull measurements I didn't tell him. What could we do? With twins a CVS was very chancey and terminating one fetus while keeping the other was not safe/desirable either.

And when I finally got back to my obstetrician she hit the roof and made a formal complaint to the radiologists about their counsellor for raising unnecessary alarm.

It all seems very hard to believe now, when I look at my strapping 4yo lad, who has always been about 25% ahead of the top range of his growth charts and is virtually teaching himself to read. (yes, it would have been him - the one who catches odd heritage diseases like Scarlet Fever - his sister the Sparkle Twin is accident prone but otherwise completely average).

You'll hear lots of stories like this and none of it may make a scrap of difference to your very real dismay right now. The waiting time seems terribly cruel and I hope whatever little cyber support you can glean from here helps a bit.

{{{{{big hugs}}}}}

kirsty said...

Thanks :-*
We're fine and you will be too.

velcro said...

thanks guys. We are feeling a bit more positive today but I do wish it was possible to fast forward a week till we get the results.
the woman who gave us the results was fantastic. She did the scan, did all the measurements over and over and then explained the odds bit by bit starting with the Downs odds because of my age and then how they changed because of the fluid at the back of the Peanut's neck. She got us the first appointment possible and explained the proceedure very clearly, not that i can remember a thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. When it comes to your child there are no "good" odds. I'm so hoping for you that you'll be one of the 30. And so sorry that you have to go through this.

caramaena said...

*hugs* Sending positive vibes your way for good news.