28 December 2008

X marks the spot

The FB was given a treasure map of the Museum of Scotland recently as part of their program to get children interested in what they have to offer apart from the robots on the ground floor and the trains on the fifth. We had nothing better to do today and so we thought we'd follow the map...

Scottish wolves (not the ones from the Meadows that eat cheeky little boys, or so MrV tells the FB)

ghostly Roman horses

a claymore fit for a giant

Bonny Prince Charlie's "Wanted" poster. We were looking for one that said "wanted dead or alive" $400.

Freakly little coffins that were found buried on Arthurs Seat. Noone knows who made them, buried them or why.

Silver egg urns with legs?
You were meant to draw each of the things we found but the FB's not that great at drawing so he borrowed my camera instead and I have to say I'm quite impressed.


meggie said...

What interesting items! I love museums.
Happy New Year to you All!

Isabelle said...

Ah, for some little children to take to a museum. Sigh.

Of course, when I had little children I'd have loved for someone else to take them to a museum while I sat at home and read a book.