27 December 2008

Walks on a cold day

It was a cold day today, and frost covered everything

so we went for a walk

via Germany it seems!

Past waterfalls,

pools of still water,

and under towering bridges until, at last, we found the forest.

Is it me or do you think there should be a grizzly hunting salmon on the banks here?

Were we in Canada, Germany, or the centre of Edinburgh?


Isabelle said...

Hmmm. I see where you were; and not that far from us either. Brrr! I think we were walking in the Botanics at that point.

Stomper Girl said...

Lovely photos, frost brings such a delicate beauty to the landscape.

velcro said...

I did wonder if you were about walking on the Water of Leith. It was cold but gorgeous.

angelfeet said...

Beautiful piccies. That looked like a fab walk. Chilly is ok, rain is not.