20 December 2006

5 songs of Christmas

tagged by Daysgoby

1. Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel. Reminds me of singing in the school choir in a freezing cold church at the end of the term at Christmas time, but it also has an incredible grandeur about it.

2. Once in Royal David's City - some of the notes put a shiver up my spine with their perfection.

3. All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth - my father's two front teeth on the top row are false (knocked out playing rugby as a boy) and he has denied having them for years. One Christmas years back they fell out in the middle of a meal. He tried to glue them back in but to no avail and retired to his bedroom to sulk when my sister and I began to sing "all i want for christmas......" He now claims that he was playing a practical joke on us and we fell for it. Yeah right dad!

4. Santa Baby. Once it gets into my head that's it it's stuck there for the rest of the season.

5. Winter Wonderland.

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