12 December 2006

When all else fails read the instructions.

It's the FB's nursery's Christmas party tomorrow. I thought it was next week until I arrived to pick him up at lunchtime and overheard another mother talking to her daughter about the party TOMORROW. Cue much swearing, silently of course, so as not to offend the little ears (and big other mummy ones too). I have to get him a pressie to be given to him by Mother Christmas - Father Christmas is far too busy, or scared, to visit this part of London in daylight hours; and make savoury rice, which is what I should be doing now instead of blogging.

And how was your weekend? Busy getting ready for Christmas or are you all far more organised than me and have got it all done? By the looks of things we may be the only household left in the celebrating world that doesn't have a Christmas tree up, and they all seem to be so beautifully decorated. I love this tradition that some families have of buying an ornament a year per child so that when they grow up and leave home they have their very own box of tree decorations each with a little history. I do wonder though, what happens to the parents. Are they left with a barren tree that first year?

Right, I am going to go and figure out how to make savoury rice and then make tea, and then.....

(P.S. the title for today's meander is a little piece of wisdom passed onto me by my father. It explains his ability to break any item of PC equipment within minutes)


daysgoby said...

I have the trees up,and the house decorated.

We won't talk about presents, okay?

I like the Mother Christmas idea - the elves bring my kidlets teeny gifts the last twelve days before Christmas - crap is that tomorrow?

No, silly, the tree isn't bare - because my parents still send ME ornaments (in case I move out, I wonder?)

velcro said...

Trees? Plural? Jess you put me to shame. My tree (a fake Canadian fir from the Netherlands) is still on top of the wardrobe.

Yup, that's tomorrow! Late night shopping perhaps? I like the idea tof the elves bringing presents though. We had a cool advent calendar as kids that had numbers with rings beside. My mum would wrap a present (or rather one for me and one for my sister) for each day of advent and hang them on the rings. W

aunty evil said...

Don't despair Velcro, Christmas is still a week and a half away! Geeze you worry!

As long as your tree is up by Christmas eve so Santa knows where to place your diamond jewellery and 3-day pamper pack, you have no problem.

I would like to say, though, that our tree is up, presents mostly wrapped and surprises all but ready. But that's just me. :)

Yum to the savoury rice!

velcro said...

ok Aunty, MDH probably doesn't read over here. What's the surprise? The suspense is killing me!

(diamond jewellry and 3 day pamper pack..MrV you reading this?)

daysgoby said...

Oh! And what a picture of you!

Nice new digs, V!

daysgoby said...

And when I say trees, only one is full-size. The other two are three feet tall each. The blue one has lights on it and will get ornaments (as soon as I root them out) and R's will have some small wooden ornaments on it as soon as I get them.

I love the advent calendar idea!

angelfeet said...

Wow! Great new design for the site. I didn't know that you were that tall! :-)

Our tree is weeping in the loft, just waiting to be put up. I can hear it sobbing at night. But it'll be freed at the weekend and the kids will have fun decorating it.

Both of mine have got their parties on Friday, but I'm going to cheat and buy something, rather than making it.

velcro said...

yup the 50foot woman, that's me; complete with fab skinny figure and white blonde hair.....I wish (ok apart from the extreme tallness and perhaps the white hair)! Actually I chose this design because of the cherry blossom she's hiding behind. MrV and I had our first kiss on an avenue of cherry trees in blossom in the Meadows in Edinburgh.

wise wise woman. I suspect in years to come I too shall be buying rather than making.