21 December 2006

Fog in Channel; Europe cut off

And boy does it seem a long way off. MrV is now, I think, in Zurich. The flight he was meant to be on earlier was cancelled, so they all flew to Zurich to catch a flight to London City where flights were still landing. They boarded the plane and then.....it was cancelled. City is now closed. Where MrV is I don't know. His phone's battery has died and I don't know if he is still in Zurich, or on one of the few flights due to fly to Heathrow. Everytime the phone rings or a message comes through on my mobile I think it is him but no; and I'm becoming very compulsive watching the realtime departure board in Zurich, the Swiss Air departure website and arrivals at Heathrow.

After a brief panic this morning about my father-in-law's present it got sorted. I had to wake my brother-in-law up to get his stepmother's email address but then some amazon vouchers were winging their way over to her.

And finally our daily postal update.....are you ready for this? The material turned up today (the replacement parcel) and it is gorgeous. I think I will take it all out tonight and start thinking about patterns to make; then my downstairs neighbour knocked on the door. He had been to the post office to pick up a parcel for him and they had given him two for us. They aren't supposed to do that, and they are supposed to leave cards and they hadn't; in addition we have been in every day for the last 2 weeks when the postie's been. I'm wondering what other parcel cards have failed to slid through our door. Tomorrow I go to complain. The tally of the missing post stands at one bouquet, and one parcel.

Oh and an update on the FB. Despite another tedious day indoors (first waiting to lynch the postman, and then waiting to hear what was going on with his father) we have had a good day. No arguments nothing. Fabulous! Perhaps Santa will bring his presents after all

Heathrow is taunting me. We are under their flight path and I can hear the planes going over. Keep your fingers crossed that one of them is carrying my MrV

on edit found him. He's in Paris. Going to get the Eurostar home tomorrow.


aunty evil said...

Oh Velcro,

Reading your post, I was feeling more and more anxious about MrV, not even realising how much until I read your edited part that he was coming home, and my shoulders relaxed.

I do hope, so much, that he gets home safely and in time to spend Christmas with you. I can only imagine how it would feel for him and for you to be apart. Ugh.

I am glad your mail is starting to show up. No doubt, when the flowers die for whoever is currently enjoying them, they will probably make their way to you. That will be the time to visit the post office and put those broken dead stems in a place where they will cause the most discomfort.

Please let us know immediately MrV makes it home!

velcro said...

I've got my fingers crossed that he can make it on the Eurostar. I went onto their website and was able to start buying tickets for the train tomorrow. He's supposed to go to work tomorrow, but I;m kind of hoping that with all the stress of today they'll let him take the day off....

angelfeet said...

Oh poor you, not knowing where MrV was, but so glad that he now seems to have a way of getting home.

I hope his work go with the Christmas spirit and let him just come home and stay home.

Carolyn said...

Yay for Mr. V getting home.

Stomper Girl said...

Hope he's home safe and sound SOON!!