20 December 2006


It was so cold here today that I couldn't face going out in to the big wide world, so the FB and I spent the day cosied up inside winding each other up. We're going through major power struggles right now and yes, as the grownup I should know better, but when it's in full swing I just don't see what's going on and it took watching a Canadian show - Yummy Mummy - tonight to give me the kick in the head I need to get this situation under control.

How is the Christmas countdown going? I think that's all the presents bought and with a sick sense of horror I have just realised that I have forgotten to buy my father-in-law and his wife their present. OH SHIT! OK I think the FB and I will be taking a trip to Wimbledon tomorrow. Bugger bugger bugger. So one present left to get then. Cake is baked and just needs its covering of apricot jam, marzipan and icing but I'll have to wait until MrV is back from Germany before I can do that as the mixer to make the icing is too high up for me to reach. And yes, you read that correctly, MrV is in Germany, on training. I'm going to be incredibly diplomatic (just in case anyone from his company is reading this) and not say exactly what I think of sending a family man on training the week before Christmas. Tree is still resting on top of the wardrobe; however I have just finished making an incredibly tacky garland-type thing of gold beads and coloured plastic letters spelling out several variations on Merry Christmas. OK I'm bored. I've run out of chocolate within hand reach, there is nothing on TV worth watching, and the FB has lost the DVD remote control.

And I know you are all desperate to hear the latest in our missing post saga. Well....some of it is starting to arrive! Hurrah! But am still one bouquet and three parcels down. When they arrive I promise to take back some of the horrid things I've been thinking about the postal service.


Stomper Girl said...

Good luck with the power struggles and the cabin fever! And the missing post. Hope Mr V back soon to lend a hand. I feel like my Mr Fixit has been missing in action this week too, with all the overtime he has to do...it sucks.

Just saw your comment over at H&B. Was beginning to think I was the only woman on earth not to 'get' the whole Robbie thing. I'm a step worse than you though, I don't even like his music! Don't tell anyone. None of the other blog-gals will speak to me.

aunty evil said...

I hear that London is now fogged in, you are having a bad weather month over there, aren't you?

Don't be too bothered about reversing your opinion about the post, even if it turns up, it was still very late, and I doubt the bouquet will be worth having now anyway!

Good luck with your shopping expedition tomorrow! At least it will give FB something else to focus on rather than how bored he is. :)

nutmeg said...

Merry Christmas Velcro. I'm going AWOL for a week or so, so thankyou for visiting this year and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas day (hope Mr V can get back in with all that fog about - some people/companies have no idea about family needs - sending o/s before Christmas!)

And Stomper - you're busted (but I won't tell on ya mate!)

velcro said...

have just found out that MrV's flight has been cancelled due to fog! Waaahhhhh! We are trying to work another route to get him home tomorrow.

stomper I am so glad to read that someone else hasn't fallen under the robbie spell.