28 December 2006

"just what I always wanted, a thing"

Hello. Welcome Back. How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you? How was the food?

We had a lovely time. The FB let us sleep in until 7.30 and had to be prompted to check his stocking which he then dragged through and insisted on opening on our bed. The highlight of his stocking was a torch, though he was very chuffed that Santa had brought him two satsumas and a banana.

Eventually he was allowed to start on the huge heap of presents Santa had left under the tree (which was decorated in time for F. Christmas' visit). I thought he would get through the loot in about 20 minutes, but an hour and a half later he had finally unwrapped the last present. There were a lot of stops to play with things as they appeared. So he is now the proud owner of his very own till and a doctor's set, which is good because he's decided to be a doctor when he grows up - I guess he realised that being a doctor, a builder and a traindriver during the week, and a street cleaner at the weekend was just going to be too much work.

The obstetric consultant appointment was yesterday. It's not common to see a consultant in the UK during pregnancy; most of the care falls on either the GP or Midwives, but my midwife felt that I needed to see a consultant because of the ectopic, so we saw him yesterday and it was obvious that none of us knew why I was there, but never mind. He's testing my thyroid, liver and kidneys to see if he can figure out why I can't keep my eyes open in the afternoon.

Today, like most of London, we went to the Natural History Museum, followed by the Science Museum. We were under orders from a certain knee high dictator to go and look at the dinosaur exhibition but our little Castro chickened out when it came time to see the huge roaring T-Rex. Then it was off to the Science Museum to find Stephenson's Rocket (one of the first steam trains).

We've weaned the FB off his Underground Ernie fetish only to replace it with a Charlie and Lola DVD watching compulsion. However, there has been a breakthrough, he has permitted us to put Chorlton and the Wheelies on twice! and watch ToyStory, though he did spent most of it telling us that he didn't like it and could we put CBeebies on please.


Isabelle said...

Glad you had a nice time! What is Chorlton and the Wheelies? It sounds vaguely familiar but I can't think what it was about, apart, presumably, from C and the Ws.

Angelfeet said...

I think it is progress to move on from Ernie to Charlie and Lola (not sure I've ever seen C & W, am I missing something?). I love it when children are delighted to get fresh fruit in their stockings.

You're brave, venturing out to South Ken today. We were in our PJs until lunchtime!

aunty evil said...

Hi Velcro,

Glad to see you survived Christmas, now, what was all the panic about anyway!? :)

velcro said...

C & W is one of MrV's most favourite programmes from his childhood. It's about a land of Wheelies - puppet people who go about on wheels who are held under the spell of an evil witch until Chortlon the happy dragon frees them from the spell. Witch has a welsh accent, her spell book is german, the telescope is Irish and her spies are toadstools with Japanese accents, and Chortlon has a Yorkshire one. It's 1970s children's TV at its best.

Angelfeet, every year we head to the Natural History Museum at this time of year, and every year we swear we won't do it again.

Carolyn said...

I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas. :)

Stomper Girl said...

My kids also love all things Charlie and Lola (as do I). And torches too!

Isabelle said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my sad blog. Ah yes, C and the Ws. Didn't watch children's TV in the 70s - too old but children not born - but I think it must have been on occasionally in the early 80s. I liked Bagpuss best - well, on the other hand, the Clangers were good too. And Ludwig.

My mum is now out of hospital and can't remember anything about it - which is very alarming. She's not herself.

My float said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. This is the first time my son has actually understood the concept of presents, although it was a little frightening to see how quickly he got into the ripping off the paper bit and moving on to the next one!!

Hope the tests go well.

Ann said...

Being a high-risk pregnancy I see the obstetric consultant every fortnight, and they're just the same whether you're in hospital hooked up to a drip or there's nothing to report, ie a complete waste of time.

"Everything fine?"
"Well, actually doctor I've been bl..."
"Hmmm yes...well we'll see you in a fortnight then"

Your littl'un has impeccable tastes in 70's childrens TV, yay for Chorlton!!