04 December 2006

A new week, a new box of tissues

I didn't think, when I started writing this blog, that I would be journaling the trials and tribulations of having a cold! But thankyou to everyone who wished me good health, your wishes came true and the cold is on its way out. A special huge thankyou to Stompergirl for her fantastic suggestion of Savlon for my nose. It heals that horrible cracked reptile look in a day. I wish I had heard of it before.

So how was your weekend? We got an extra special treat on Saturday morning - the FB let us sleep in until 9.30! Yup you read that right. 9.30! Absolutely bliss. But he's more than made up for it since. We got a grand total of 3 hours last night. I can't wait for this cold to pass.

Because all the words in my head are a little jumbled up with sleep deprivation I'm going to stick some photos up instead.

I can't get this blasted thing to let me title the photos
so here's what they should have had under each one:
"I'm washing dishes just like my Daddy"
Autumn Leaves
This is a tree in our downstairs neighbours' garden. To me it marks the turning of the seasons which seem to go past so incredibly quickly.
This gate is en route to the FB's nursery. There's
something about the colour of the paint and the
way it's peeling that made me cart the camera
out to photo it

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aunty evil said...

Hi Velcro,

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend, hopefully hubby and son will follow soon after! Love the pics, the gate is an interesting colour and has that rustic look about it that screams out to be photographed.

Oh dear, now I am sounding like MDH, he would take a photo of that gate, that tree, that bottle of coke in your kitchen, that ... well, anything, really!

Keep that child washing up dishes, his future wife will thank you for it! :)

angelfeet said...

That gate colour is really intriguing. It makes me think of ice-cream - it's the colour of the bubble-gum flavour cornet that you can buy from an ice-cream van. No artificial colourings at all (well perhaps a few)!

Hope you're completely rid of the cold very soon.

kirsty said...

You poor poor honey! How much longer can this cold last?? I've had a tickly throat for a couple of days, so my sympathy is genuine :-D
I love that gate. The colour is amazing!

nutmeg said...

I'm with Aunty; a boy who washes up is every girl's dream!

Stomper Girl said...

Love your dish-washing son (and husband). We've been talking about buying my 5YO some rubber gloves because he's expressed a desire to help with the dishes. He says he'll only do the rinse sink though, not the bubbles sink. I like Aunty Evil suggestion that their future life-partners will thank us some day!! But I'm more interested in offloading some of the housework as soon as decently possible to the child-slaves I mean my gorgeous little helpers
Glad the savlon worked for you! I do it to my kids last thing at night when they've had colds and its like they've grown a new nose the next morning.

My float said...

9.30??? That's just cruel. Ah, three hours. That's more like it. Now I feel I can keep reading.

What a good mother in law you are for house-training your lad. Think of all the lovely MIL Christmas gifts you'll be in line for, like gift vouchers for massages, instead of hankies or bath soaps and bodywashes!

velcro said...

He not only loves doing dishes, but I have to wrestle with him so I can do any cleaning. He usually gets my feather duster and is sent to dust the living room while I get on with vacuuming and mopping and everything else. (This is of course on the very rare occasion that I actually do any housework)