18 December 2006

Don shades NOW!

Ok here it is. The completed piece of cross stitch known as the Peacock in the Tree. The colours are far brighter than in the photo but this is basically it. Today I find myself missing sewing!

The tally of missing post continues to rise. A further two parcels and possibly a bouquet of flowers have disappeared. I think after Christmas I shall be wandering down to the post office to complain. On the plus side, the Ebayer who sold me all the cotton to make the quilt is sending more down by registered post and claiming the money back from the PO.


h&b said...

*LOVE* the new look.
Hubba, hubba - so sexy ! ;)

Isabelle said...

Wow, you sewed that? And you're a mum with two small children? Goodness. They must occasionally sleep. It's lovely, anyway. (What does hubba hubba mean?)

velcro said...

one so far, and one on the way but both are currently sleeping!

how to describe hubba hubba. it's what men in films say to describe a sexy beautiful woman.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh, well defined there, Velcro! Excellently succinct.

Didn't need the shades. I love bright and colourful and I loved your Peacock In The Tree.

SueeeuS said...

I am in awe. That looks to be a LOT of stitches! I did ONE cross stitch years ago and it broke my back, was only 1/4th as complicated as your amazing peacock, and took me FOREVER! Hats off to you!!

julia said...

That's beautiful. Is that a Mirabilia design?

I used to do cross stitch, but four children later and it's all gathering dust in a box somewhere.

nutmeg said...

That is one beautiful, amazing piece of work! Magnificent.

I wish I could get to mine. You'll just have to cover your eyes when reading this portion of the comment where I (and Julia, before me) tell you how hard it is to get any done the more kids you have. So get into it while you can. Though I can feel a return next year when the Diva is at school five days a week and the darling is at daycare at least two days. Fingers crossed!

aunty evil said...

Wow Velcro, I am impressed! Not only are you a mum to one and a half, a wife and an entertaining writer, you are a very talented sewer too!

That is gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Sorry to hear your mail is still going missing, perhaps its time to get a post office box? We live in the path of the local school kids coming home, so our letter box isn't safe from their sticky little fingers. We got a PO box and have never looked back!

velcro said...

Thankyou! I am rather proud of it too, and am insisting that it gets framed and put up in the hall.

Aunty, our post comes directly into our homes via a slot in the door, so it's not people or kids in the street stealing it from our box; it's going missing at the post office! Some ******* at the sorting office is stealing our mail. grrrrr! So even if we had a post box it would still vanish. It's bloody annoying.

Molly said...

Gorgeous work!And you quilt too? Wonder woman....Hope you had a wonderful Christmas at your house. Glad Mr. V got safely home ....The airlines can really mess things up...all kinds of delays getting the OC home too....but safety is the important thing.