08 December 2006

And now over to Velcro for the weather

We had a tornado in London yesterday. Yup that's right, in London. Last time I checked London was in England and not in Kansas. In addition to that we had thunder and lightning, gales, rain, hail, sleet and finally beautiful blue skies. An odd odd day weather-wise. The FB and I went into town to yesterday to run errands including visiting John Lewis 3 times in the space of 2 hours. But we did get this, our Christmas candlestick chosen by the FB.

I can hear the kids in the future
"Mum what were you thinking when you bought this?"
"Ask the FB darling, he chose it"
One child turns to another and mutters "there she goes again, calling him the FB. Should we have her locked up this time?"

And this made up for being rained on etc etc etc....

My diary for next year!

(the thing covered in the delightful teatowel is the dried fruit for the christmas cake marinated in a litre of brandy. )

I'm just back from my midwife's appointment (I wrote this earlier, midwives don't hold court at 9pm). Apart from a very scary moment when she couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat everything seems to be fine. The FB who has been behaving like a little hellion over the last few days, got his act together and was a perfect angel during the examination. He must have been shattered because at 6pm all went quiet and I found him fast asleep in his bed; so I woke him up. Well I need him to sleep through the night, and he wouldn't have if he had continued to sleep. Does that make sense? I hope so.


angelfeet said...

I bet one of those visits to John Lewis was for the toilets! That diary looks beautiful, is that from JL too? I like the candlestick too - am I weird?

That weather was completely bizarre yesterday - those poor people whose houses will have to be demolished because of the damage!

velcro said...

It was! The second trip was to see the mechanised pony in the toy department and see the new and improved craft section. The third was to buy the candlestick and candles.
The diary is from Selfridges. I buy one a year and it's always nicknamed "Snobbery Personified".

It was horrible yesterday. I feel so sorry for them too.

aunty evil said...

I am so glad you are ok Velcro, I thought about you when I heard the news on the radio! There's one more reason to come here now, London has now become a Tornado zone! We have never had a tornado here (shhh everyone, don't mention the cyclones, they are up north anyway, so technically we have never had a "tornado").

Actually, now I think about it, so much of the news this week has made me think of you...
1. the cricket (who cares though)
2. the tornado
3. the poor little 15yo bugger who had his leg taken off by a white pointer down south - that news alone set our campaign to get you here back about 3 years I reckon.

Anyway, I think the candle holder is lovely for Christmas, and the picture of the diary makes me want to flick its pages and smell the newness of the paper.

nutmeg said...

Tornado in London! Bloody global warming.

The English certainly know how to do stationery. Beautiful specimen. V. jealous :-)

velcro said...

Aparently (according to the Guardian) we've had tornadoes for years usually around 70 a year. I guess they are normally in places where they cause little or no damage which is why they aren't on the news.

1. the cricket - I'm Scottish (kind of like calling a new zealander an aussie or vice versua!) we don't play cricket (except in public schools). You did beat us at rugby though, after we beat the English and the French hurrah!
2. urgh tornadoes!
3. I hadn't heard of that poor boy. Did he survive?

velcro said...

Nutmeg you would love this place. It's called Smythson of Bond Street and full of incredibly beautiful, leatherbound notebooks, diaries etc etc.

My float said...

Well, makes sense to me Velcro...except I'm a sleep deprived mother who hasn't slept through the night for almost three years!

I heard about that torndado in London. How weird is that? Crazy weather.

aunty evil said...

Hi Velcro, yes, he has survived, but he has lost his leg. The shark won't give it back, apparently.

Carolyn said...

It makes sense. :)

velcro said...

bad, naughty shark! I'm glad that the boy survived.

MyFloat I feel your pain. I dream of a good night's sleep. The FB sleeps perfectly through the night, I do not.

Hello Carolyn, hope everything is going ok.

nutmeg said...

Velcro, I am quietly noting these places/shops you visit and detail in your blog. I will see them in person one day :-)

velcro said...

In that case Nutmeg I shall ensure I tell you all about the fantastic bookshops that line Charing Cross Road and perhaps we can coax you over here for a visit!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

People were talking about the tornado - is there ANY doubt in anyone's mind still about climate change?

Love the diary and I think it is only fair to have a stockpile of things to torment your children with in future (the reindeer!)