09 January 2007

The House of Pain (and Puking)

Flylady and all my other plans for the day had to take a breather. The FB has a migraine. As I type he is lying on the couch asleep which I hope (cross your fingers) that that will get rid of it. He had magic yogurt (yogurt mixed with calprofen) at 10.30 but promptly threw it back up again. Poor little guy. I feel so sorry for him. He threw up in the supermarket all over himself and his pushchair and then had to ride home in the vile pushchair but sitting on his coat. And he's been so brave despite the pain and the vomiting.

many hours later....he woke up, looked about him and then complained that he had already seen whatever programme that was showing on CBeebies aka he was feeling much better. One day we will work out what exactly triggers his migraines and avoid it but nothing at present leaps out as an obvious candidate.


nutmeg said...

I had no idea that you could get migraines as a child. I thought they were an adult thing - for some unknown reason! Are they hereditary? Do you get them Velcro?

It sounds particularly awful for a young child to get them. A girlfriend suffers from them and it totally incapacitates her for a varying length of time. I get some pretty awful sinus headaches but nothing that could be compared to a migraine.

velcro said...

you can get them as a child and yes in my family to get them as a kid is quite normal though the FB holds the record for having them start so young (at 26 months). I used to get them but grew out of them so I hope the same is true for him.
Fortunately they don't last for too long and he just needs to get through the pain and the vomiting and fall sleep then it's over. But that is such a hard thing for a child to go through.
Today he is completely back to his normal self and you wouldn't know how ill he's been yesterday until you get close to his pushchair which still smells!

aunty evil said...

Poor little bugger!

My mum used to get terrible migraines, caused by chocolate! Bummer for her, she has a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe. I always remember as a kid my mum at Easter saying "don't eat the whole thing now, put it in the fridge and have some more tomorrow".

The next morning, we would run to get our eggs, find a big chunk out of them and yep! Mum in bed sick with a migraine!

Serves her right, the old biddy stealing food from her babies' mouths! :)

My float said...

Oh, the poor little thing.

I had migraines as a child and as an adult, but have almost grown out of them now. He seems to perk up very quickly once they disappear, which is a good sign!

Angelfeet said...

Poor FB. Luckily (?) mine didn't start until I was an adult. I can't imagine how yuck he must feel when he's got one of those.

Carolyn said...

Poor guy.

I'm glad he's better now.