17 January 2007


It was a beautiful sunny day in South London when I stomped up the hill with the FB in tow on our way to nursery. Ahh so many untruths in that one sentence...rained today but unusually the raincover on the pushchair actually managed to keep the rain off and not attempt to smother my son; staggered up the hill is probably closer to the truth than stomp, mostly because the FB was sitting in his pushchair safe from the elements whilst I, his poor mama, got wet and cold.

It rained yesterday as well which, as MrV had the day off, was rather annoying. Yesterday was also scan #5 (hopefully the last one) day and we got to see the Peanut again. He's grown a tad since our last viewing and become a little less bashful about showing off his bits, indeed we have a photo of them for embarrassing him with later in life. But he's fine and there wasn't any sign of anything that could have caused the increase in neuchal fluid that was there previously. Oh and Ann they warmed the gel up!


aunty evil said...

Glad to hear all is well with the Peanut!

I hope, now he is showing it off, that his "crown jewels" have grown some since you last mentioned them in a post!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I loved, loved, loved all my pregnancy ultrasounds (except for the one with the male technician and the vaginal probe, but that's a story for another day) so you're (mostly) bringing back some lovely memories!!

Not so lovely is the memory of shoving prams around in the rain - but these are the thoughts I need in my head whenever I start thinking four kids would be a great idea!!

velcro said...

Aunty, they've definately grown. Last time they weren't visible on screen, now they are.

Bec, sorry for reminding you of such a horrible event. Horrible way to have an ultrasound I know.
Rain and pushchairs are ok, rain, wind and a raincover that likes to smother the pushchair occupant are not ok.

aunty evil said...

Hope you are ok with the wild weather you are having over there. It definitely looks like "staying home" weather!

velcro said...

it's not been so bad today Auntie, but yesterday was pretty scary, especially as when it's windy I think of the tornado in N London

h&b said...

Like Bec, I love Ultrasounds.

So special, especially when everything is good :)

Carolyn said...

He won't be embarrassed later of the pics.

Guys never are. :)