07 January 2007

A series of unconnected thoughts (part one of many)

I think I may have been slightly over-ambitious with the cross stitch and hoping to have it done by the time the Peanut makes his appearance. It is hard going. I think the problem is is that there is so much detail that I am changing thread colour every few stitches which is slowing me down no end. So don't be surprised if you see that one on my to-do list for next year.

Yesterday bliss of bliss, AuntyH and SuperUncleG took the FB away on an excursion. They were meant to visit a children's petting zoo but it rained and so instead they went to our local gym so the FB could play in the soft play area. We (being MrV, the FB and myself) were all a little nervous about him going away so it was good that it turned out they only went down the road; and as it was the FB missed us not a jot. In fact he refused to come home until it was dark so he could see all the street lights. I believe that SuperUncleG had to accompany the FB and his favourite teddy Cedric the lion to see what a gym looked like, with G carrying the lion....a sight I wish I had been there to see.

Over Christmas the Peanut stopped kicking. He's been at it since the evening of the day after the CVS, well more a squirming feeling rather than a kick but it has been a regular occurance, and then just before Christmas Day it stopped. Don't panic, he started back up again about 3 days later but it's been pretty irregular until 2 days ago when instead of the wriggling, squirming feeling there have been some pretty violent boots to my tummy, diaphragm and bladder. I guess he was just lazing about, taking in the whole Christmas vibe and going through a massive growth spurt. Only 9 days until the next scan and we get to see him and see how much he has grown etc.


Stomper Girl said...

Must have been a bit scary for you! I would have been prodding my belly on an hourly basis and saying wake-up-lazy-bones. Glad he's booting you again.

aunty evil said...

He (Peanut) must have been lazing back just absorbing all the chocolate you ate over Christmas.


(Shaking myself out of trance)

Very glad everything is OK!

My float said...

I really think we miss them more than they miss us. I know my son will put on a HUGE performance when he starts pre-school in two weeks, but equally, he will turn into smiling angel time just as I disappear out of sight!

Glad the Peanut is back and at it! A girl I know has two weeks to go, and yesterday I sat and watched her belly thrashing about. It was truly awesome.

nutmeg said...

Also glad to hear he is on the move again!

My second would chose to move about around the same time each night. Watching a foot push from one side of your belly to another - that was truly weird but amazing :-)

Enjoy your photo shoot soon!

velcro said...

The FB did it at a later stage. For an entire weekend not one kick or poke. Did the shuggling of the tummy, ate chocolate, drank cold water. Nought. Then day of the doctor's appointment he kicked.
Infuriating children.

My Float, he will miss you but will love being at preschool too and will definately be a smiling angel there!

Anonymous said...

Glad your Peanut is wriggling again, can't wait to feel mine move.

Good luck for the scan, hope they warm up that cold gel stuff for you before they put it on your belly. I'm sure the midwives conspire to make scans as uncomfortable as possible.

velcro said...

It's so lovely when they first start kicking you but fantastic when someone else can put their hand on your belly and feel the kicks.

ugh cold scan gel is horrible I agree, and do they have to shove down so hard when they're moving the scan thing around. For decency's sake I shall forgo discussing the joy that is the internal scan they give you during early pregnancy.