29 January 2007

How do you explain that?

It's been pretty quiet around here. We've all come down with this lovely cold which kicks the feet out from under you for a few days so we've mostly been holed up at home watching non-stop Charlie and Lola DVDs. MrV and the FB did venture out on Saturday to visit MrV's brother in North London giving me a few hours peace and quiet.

The FB and I were back off to nursery this morning, back along the route where the weird thing happened last week (still no police signs up, still nothing in the local press) when the FB looked up at the church at the end of the road and asked "Mummy, why is there a picture of an aeroplane taking off on the side of the church?" I looked up and saw what he meant; the aeroplane as he called it is actually a cross. So of course he wanted to know what a cross was (predominantly a symbol of Christianity he was told, and wisely he left it at that.)

After nursery was over we started off back down the hill to pay a visit to the library. Got towards the bottom and I saw a pink, long thing lying on the pavement in front of me which looked, I thought, like the handgrip off a kid's bike, until the FB started kicking it and standing on it and asking what it was.... And then I took a closer look and realised it wasn't a handgrip but a giant, pink dildo. How do you explain what that is to a three year old?

Library books for this week are

Colour (Travels through the Paintbox) by Victoria Finlay. It looks like she goes through each colour and looks at how they were made in the past, and any interesting historical info she could find for that particular colour. I read her book about precious gems in the summer and loved it.

My Father's Notebook - Kader Abdolah. Another random from the "A" shelf. The title captured me; anything to do with stationary has me hooked!

The Kaminsky Cure - Christopher New. I'm not sure why I picked this one up but I did and will have to see how it goes. The story of a German man and his love of Nazism which is understandably not shared by his Jewish wife.

And finally

Thursday at Eight - Debbie Macomber. This week's chicklit.

The "tomb" went back today but I have my own copy which is slowly getting worked through.

Am off to think of 6 weird things about myself as have been tagged by Kirsty


Carolyn said...

You have some very interesting walks.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd have said something like "I don't know what the pink thing is, shall we take a photo of it and ask Daddy when he gets back?" and watched him turn beetroot. Then again I'm evil :-)

nutmeg said...

It's all happening going to and from your house!

Yes, I heard the Victoria Finlay Colour book is meant to be good. She was here for the last Sydney Writer's Festival and you couldn't get a seat at her talks!

The Kaminsky Cure looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.

aunty evil said...

Why oh why do you want to move? There is never a dull moment at your place!

I am so sorry, but I burst out laughing at the dildo.

Not quite what I'd expect to find on the footpath, but maybe the owner had to leave in a hurry or something?

daysgoby said...

One has to wonder what someone was DOING when they had to leave the dildo.

I would have called it a 'massager' and suggested we leave it for the person who dropped it to come back and find.

(kicking it to the curb as we left)

The librarians laugh at me but I do that too - I come out of the library with sacks of books, all from the same shelf - they know right where I was!

That color book sounds wonderful - I'll have to check that out!

velcro said...

I went back to take a photo of it this morning but alas it had gone. Can't really imagine anyone wanting to pick it up, and it was too big to fit in a cat's mouth so the only possibility is that a dog's taken it off and perhaps presented it to its owner as a present?

angelfeet said...

It certainly is a lot more colourful in your part of town! Or perhaps I just don't get out enough.

I must look out for the Finaly books - colours and the gems too. Do you always manage to get all your selections read, even with the FB needing your attention?

It's strange that nothing's been mentioned in the press or even an incident board. It does make me wonder about how much is kept from the general public (not that I'm a conspiracy theorist).

velcro said...

I do manage to read them all Angelfeet. I suspect being an atrocious parent helps - the FB is sent off to play and I sit and read for a while. I'm making the most of this before his little brother makes an appearance and scuppers my reading for a few months.

i started to wonder if I had made the whole thing up and then I asked another mother at the nursery and she had seen that something had happened too. So not just me.

meggie said...

What an interesting walk!
glad you are out & about again.

My float said...

Maybe the dildo was part of last week's "murder". Maybe someone died by being smacked in the head with a dildo.

Heck the mind boggles! !

h&b said...

Oh my God !!!

That is hilarious, and 'ewww' at the same time - I can imagine you now - "GET OFF THAT BIG PINK HANDLEBAR - IT"S DIRTY AND HAS GERMS ALL OVER IT .. oh look, we're nearly at the library, let's skip the rest of the way"

Well, that's what I do when confronted with street-dildos .. change the topic and run away .. ;)