24 January 2007

Let it snow

This was supposed to be a sweetness and light post about how it snowed here in South London, about how much the FB enjoyed putting on his wellies and stomping through the last few patches left as before it all melted; and how he loved making snowballs and throwing them a metre in front of him and then stomping on them on the pavement but..

On the way back from picking him up from nursery two men ran past us. One of them shouted something and the other, well the other had been seriously injured. The whole of his neck was bright red with blood. Behind them blue lights were flashing and crowds had formed to gawp at whatever had happened. What had happened I have no idea. I didn't want to hang about with the FB. I feel awful that he saw the injured man and that I didn't realise what was going on until they were too close to us for me to hide the FB's eyes.
When we came out of the supermarket 20 minutes later an ambulance was parked at the side of the High Street. I think they must have picked up the injured runner.

I don't want to live here any more. We'll be moving in the summer

PS more snow due tonight so cross fingers for a happier, fluffier post


daysgoby said...

K -
Was he okay? Probably lots of questions!

Where are you going to move to? Did those Aussies get you?

velcro said...

I don't know Jess. They were definately fleeing the scene of a crime, I don't know what though.

Probably a suburb outside London so MrV can still commute in. But not Australia - there was another shark attack there earlier in the week.

angelfeet said...

Oh, that's awful, K. I don't blame you planning to move. It does seem to have got much worse.

And of course if you move outside the London boroughs, you might get away with not having to pay for the Olympics (as much as I want them here, we are being sold down the swanee).

The snow was good, though, while it lasted.

Liz said...

Horrible. I hope you find a new home somewhere you love.

Stomper Girl said...

How scary for you. Hope that you and the FB not too traumatised long-term. I would want to move too!

caramaena said...

Don't blame you for wanting to move. You sure you don't want to consider Australia again?

You may never have to deal with snow again... and all you'd have to remember is to poke the sharks in the eye.

meggie said...

horrible for you.
Come to Aussie- you dont have to swim in shark territory!
Hope FB is not shocked- has he talked about it??

aunty evil said...

Aw I hate that you live in such a place. I agree it's time to move!

Don't go worrying about the sharks here, they won't hurt you unless you go diving in their waters wearing a wetsuit that makes you look like a seal.

Buy a house with a pool in the backyard, and unless there are some very freaky things falling from the sky during a storm, I guarantee no shark will get you there!

Plus it's nice and warm. You will save lots of money and time because you won't need maternity jumpers.

And plus, we are nice.

velcro said...

you know we did actually look into moving to Australia but we don't have enough points to get past the cursed immigration system. Same with New Zealand.

FB was fine with what he saw on Wed. It can't have sunk in because he hasn't spoken about it or asked any questions. We've walked down the same road twice since and he's been ok. He did ask one question at the time - when I saw the man covered in blood I swore. FB asked what it meant.
Weirdly nothing in local press about what happened.

velcro said...

re moving - have looked into a number of suburbs including Windsor and Eton. Well local school would be Eton!

Isabelle said...

Come on, now, Velcro (you're really K?) you know that Edinburgh is hugely superior to London. Not a drop of snow while all you southerners were complaining about it on the radio, and no one has ever attacked anyone at my local supermarket, as far as I know.

Poor you, though. On the other hand, I'd just love to have a baby to look forward to...

h&b said...

Ha - that shark attack ?

Talk about a small world, but the guy that poked the shark in the eye ? Was the first boy that ever took an interest in me.

I didn't like him back though.

Australia's lovely. Just don't swim in the water - ha, ha ;)

velcro said...

Isabelle, I would love to move back up to Edinburgh even with the constant rain all summer, and the haar on the days when it's not raining. But it is laughable when they get an inch of snow down here and the whole south east grinds to a halt.

h&b Wow! How is the guy after the shark bite? They didn't report anything about his condition following punching the shark in the eye. I believe not only can you not swim in the water, but going to the toilet involves avoiding little red spiders. Tis a mystery to me how you all manage to survive to the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you wanting to get out of South London, I'm still in the process of convincing Mr T who is a die-hard Londoner who thinks Surrey means Outer Mongolia.

Thanks for the mention - my uterine membranes and the Thistletwatlette are eternally grateful :-)

My float said...

What a hideous thing for FB to see.

We were shopping in a centre a few days before Christmas and two women started bashing each other right before our eyes. They were two footsteps away. My little one gasped and clapped his hand over his mouth and I swooped him up and left, and tried to explain as simply as I could that they were very BAD! I was appalled that people could behave so badly at 10am in a shopping centre.

As for the shark attack - the guy fought back! See? It's not all bad news!

nutmeg said...

I haven't got anything "new" to add to your previous commentors about what you saw other than to say it would have surreal. Is that what I am seeing or is it something else? Have I stumbled on a movie set? It's so much harder when you have children. I think, OK I can protect myself - could I do the same for my kids - not that I wouldn't want to but could I be able to physically intervene on their behalf - all those things that could get in my way! Too much to think about!

I love your new counter at the top of your blog. The days of pregnancy are getting fewer....

velcro said...

You know Nutmeg that is kind of what I have been thinking - was it a film being shot? I can't find anything about what happened in the local rags, and if what the man shouted was true, someone died.

meggie said...

Are you ok? You have been 'silent' for a while?
Just checking.