01 November 2007

And they're off

November 01 2007 a new day, a new month, a new NoBloPoMo. What was I thinking? One month of posting every single day. I doubt that enough happens in a month to cover a week of posts let alone 30 entries. Ah well. Be prepared to be bored ok, and don't say at the end that you weren't warned.
This last year has just zoomed by so quickly. This time last year I was in the first trimester more than slightly concerned that the bump pushing my trousers to their limits was not caused by a baby but more by overindulging in lemon meringue pie. Then there was the whole CVS test and the nervous wait for the results. A year on and the little being at the centre of it all is lying on his babygym grinning at me like a loon. I wonder what the year between this NoBloPoMo and next will bring.
And now I must be off to Asda to buy some soy sauce.


Suse said...

Good luck! (calls she, from the sidelines as those others line up at the starting gate).

Aunty Evil said...

Hi Velcro, I am happy you joined this thing, because I miss you when you don't post.

You will be pleased to know that I am not bored with you yet! :)

Mrs Thistletwat said...

And what a cutie lemon meringue pie The Count is too!

Looking forward to your month of posts.

meggie said...

Velcro, even if you just blogged about your breakfast menu, I would happily read you!

I hope this doesn't mean I am sad & need a life??