03 November 2007

Day Three

At 4am (when the Count woke me up) I realised it's not NoBloPoMo but NaBloPoMo. I've been calling it the wrong thing all this time. I thought it stood for November - Blog Posting Month which you have to admit does make sense.

So day three. The FB's been down with one of his headaches today so we've been sitting in a darkened room listening to the radio and reading him stories to try and take his mind off it. Fortunately he feel asleep which seems to be the best cure and is now feeling much better and back to his normal self. This all means though that today's post is very short.


h&b said...

It *should* be "No(vember)".

The US is very US-Centric, yet blogging is an international thing.

Blogging Without Borders, so to speak ;)

It should be changed !
I'll write up the petition now !

angelfeet said...

Poor FB. Headaches especially at that age are so miserable.

Aunty Evil said...

A post is a post is a post. Short or long!

I am glad FB is feeling better.

I am glad you get the Nabopeomeoiwa thingy wrong.

So do I. :)

Anonymous said...

Poor FB, glad he's feeling better!