07 November 2007

Aw gee shucks

Thankyou! I turned a rather deep shade of red with all your lovely comments. I am so looking forward to finishing it, and if this blog is still going then, I promise to put a photo of it up. To answer your question Isabelle - I sew in the mornings while the FB is at nursery and the Count is asleep, in the afternoon sometimes while the Count is napping and the FB is playing by himself, and in the evening when both boys have fallen asleep. Meggie, if you lived closer I would be on your doorstep begging for help with crocheting.

Children do say the best things sometimes. My mother-in-law thinks we should write down the FB's utterances and perhaps we should because according to him

  • The First World War took place in Tooting, and the Second in Balham.
  • On asking his father to tuck his teddies in one night he asked if MrV had trouble doing it when he was a child. MrV said he couldn't remember as that was a long time ago, to which the FB responded "Was that during the War daddy?"
  • He has just looked down his pyjama top, sighed and said "I'm growing breasts". He didn't realise that it's not just mummies that have nipples but little boys, girls and even daddies.

Ah my daft boy!


Stomper Girl said...

I remember my first-born offering his nipples to the second-born at about that age, fully thinking his breasts were functional.

Aunty Evil said...

That is soooo cute!

velcro said...

Stomper - fantastic! The FB doesn't go that far, he just offers his arm for the Count to suck on.

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Awww, I can see what he means, Tooting and Balham (and Streatham for that matter) both look like they were recently bombed and not rebuilt!

I should do a similar post about my mother-isms. Actually I think I will now after I've given LMT her nosebag.

meggie said...

They grow so quickly- though you only realise that in retrospect!
Doo write the words down.

Isabelle said...

The Count sleeps in the mornings? Why did I never have babies like that? And I always spent my evenings picking up toys. Well, and reading to Daughter 1 and trying to persuade her to go back to bed. Sigh.

He's absolutely gorgeous!