02 November 2007

He's more Blofeld than James Bond really

I'm thinking of renting my boys out to the CIA as specialists in information gathering through techniques made illegal by various international laws.

The Count is currently doing a refresher course in sleep deprivation which he has been attending for a couple of weeks now. One of the main points that he has learnt so far that I can see is to keep the person from whom sleep is being kept guessing when they will be woken up.
And the FB?
He has a line in questioning that would get the most hardened criminal or terrorist begging to surrender information within hours.
Mama - ok we'll walk up to the lights and cross there
FB - why?
Mama- why do you think?
FB - so we can cross the road and go home.
Mama (visibly trying to supress a nervous twitch) - if you knew why did you ask?
FB - I wanted to make sure you knew mummy.



Mrs Thistletwat said...

I don't know about being an interrogator for terrorists, I think FB would make an excellent tour guide for Wallington, pointing out all the lamp posts and street furniture like he did for me. Nobody would be any doubt as to the difference between a plant and a lamp post with FB on hand!

velcro said...

He is also very good if you need to know how to get from Tooting to Edinburgh by public transport. Will tell you all the stations to change at etc.

Molly said...

It's all coming back to me now....Aghrrrr! But these nights I get to sleep all the way through.....purrrrrr.
You neglected to tell me which Doris Lessing book you're enjoying so much. I tried "Love Again" but couldn't stomach it.Loved the first volume of her autobiography but faltered on the second one. Was a bit let down by her lack of civility regarding the Nobel.....And maybe you could drop by her modest row house in north London and give her a comb----with my compliments?!

velcro said...

Molly - it's "The Sweetest Dream". Would it be terrible to say that it reminds me a bit of Rosamunde Pilcher?

Aunty Evil said...

When they are born, you can't wait for them to talk.

It doesn't take long to wish for the "good old days" does it? :)

h&b said...

I have a similar boy living at my house ;)

BTW - my lavender is the English variety .. the best variety IMO ;)

Stomper Girl said...

Ha! (Not at the sleep deprivation, that sucks. But the checking up on your mental abilities is very funny) He probably noticed that you can't think straight when the Count has been torturing you. And is just trying to help....