10 November 2007

Good Grief

I was supposed to go to the Stitch and Bitch that was being held in Central London today with MrsT but fate conspired against me. Last Tuesday MrV came down with (yet another) stomach bug, and yesterday whilst I got things prepared for our early morning departure, I congratulated myself on avoiding catching his bug. But no, I spoke too soon and today was spent, not strolling around looking at different kinds of yarn and hopefully being taught how to crochet flowers by Yarnstorm, but instead lying in bed feeling very awful and sorry for myself.

I suspect chronic tiredness doesn't help either. The Count is still keeping up his nocturnal activities and now my fabulous neighbour has kicked in. She's a DJ and has decided that 11pm is the perfect time to practise her skills. The noise (a repetative dob dob dob) can be heard in every single room of the house so there is no escape. Grrrrr


Aunty Evil said...

Aww, I hope you feel better soon!

Bad enough having the "doof doof" inside your head, let alone it coming from next door as well!!

Stomper Girl said...

I sympathise about the neighbour. We had a wannabe rockstar next to us for a while and he would fire up the elctric guitar (maximum volume levels of course) at any hour of the night and day. I hated him so much I would turn all my speakers round to face the communal wall and blast opera as loud as I could back at him

angelfeet said...

You must be really disappointed about the Stitch and Bitch. I was excited about hearing about all that yarn and I'm not even a knitter!

You seem to be assaulted from all sides, what with the fake orgasmics and the aspiring DJ (or are they the same person?). Have you been able to have a word with the latter about considerate neighbouring?

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Just catching up, better start knitting up some of my stash!

From a boring surveying point of view, lower frequencies do transmit through buildings better than higher frequencies so you're hearing the doof doof doof. Have you thought about putting a speaker against the party wall playing Agadoo on repeat?

velcro said...

Stomper and MrsT we or rather I thought about retaliating with Cliff Richard or thrash metal at full volume(no I'm not confessing to owning either on cd!) but I suspect that her speakers are capable of louder noise than ours so it would backfire.
I also suspect that there is very little soundproofing in these houses. MrV's mobile is on silent mode and yet I can hear it vibrate when I am in the livingroom and it is upstairs.