15 November 2007

Today I have been mostly

*keeping my eyes open with the help of matchsticks

*begging the Count to nap so I could get some sleep or at least some quiet me time

*wondering if this was truly the best time to start weaning the FB off the TV (he would much rather watch tv than do anything else in the world, not good me thinks)

*getting rather peeved that books I ordered on Sunday have still not arrived and I've almost finished my book (Family Roundabout by Richmal Crompton in case you were wondering. Great book. Recommend it strongly.)

*eating like a horse. As has the Count who polished off part of a carrot, a bit of potato and a whole banana for tea.


Isabelle said...

Oh dear, I do sympathise about the sleeping. Daughter 2 went through a terrible phase of keeping me up all night. She's fine now, though. Mind you, she's 26. Not a great comfort.

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Madam has been much the same, I've been enjoying going to the loo just for guilt free me time.

She had her first baby rice today (I was feeling brave), it stayed down and she seemed to enjoy it! Go me!!

meggie said...

Winter makes me hungry!

Molly said...

Don't they make holes in your eyelids? And wouldn't you fall asleep anyway, eyes open, whites only visible and drying out fast?? Been there, sympathise. The good news? This will soon be a distant memory. When he hits his teens you'll need a cattle prod , or two, to wake him.....

velcro said...

Isabelle - in 2 weeks we start sleep training. Not sure my sanity can take much more sleep deprivation

MrsT - well done on the baby rice! Don't get any peace in the toilet as the FB insists on standing right outside the door to converse with me.

Meggie - i think it is tiredness that's making me hungry.

Molly - these are special quilted matchsticks. But the dry eyes, ouch!