09 November 2007

By Jove she's got it

I had 15 minutes yesterday before I had to shoot off to pick up the FB from nursery when I decided to give this crochet business another go. I found a website that had good step-by-step photos and hey presto. OK there are some dropped stitches, the colour change went a bit wonky (technical term that) and rather than be the square that I meant it to be, it appears to be a pyramid, but well I'm getting there. The bit that is causing the most trouble (apart from lack of time and general exhaustion) is that the stitches seem to be so tight that I struggle to get the hook through when it's time to make the next row.


Aunty Evil said...

Keep going! Just relax your hand.

Stomper Girl said...

My knitting was the same when I first started.

Fairlie said...

I agree. My knitting had that tight feeling when I first started. You have to push through it until you find your rhythm and tension.