21 November 2007

Buses, trams and the tube

Doesn't have the same feel about it as "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" but it will have to do.

Took the FB up to Wandsworth Common today; a trip that involves getting a bus to the tramstop, followed by a tram, then walking a mile or so to the Underground, taking the Northern line north to Clapham South and then finally another mile's walk to the Common.
It would be quicker to take the train directly to the Common but I'm rather lacking the courage to get both boys on a train by myself. There is usually quite a large gap between the train and the platform, and the doors don't stay open for long, so understandably (or not, perhaps I'm being a wimp) we haven't taken this route yet. We will, just give me time.

All in all we walked about 5 miles this afternoon. And his energy levels this evening? Still bouncing off the ceiling!


Isabelle said...

Oh dear, poor you. I remember this well; Daughter 1 was very very energetic. Until she was about 13. Then not.

Only a few years to go, then...

Hope tonight goes quietly.

velcro said...

He's fast asleep. As is the wee one.

I wish I had half of his energy!

Aunty Evil said...

Snore on, little one, for tomorrow is another day, with many things to do, places to explore, and breakdowns to give your mother.

Nice photo!

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Buses, trams and the tube sounds more like a horror movie than a Steve Martin comedy. (I nearly typed Steve Wright!!)

It's lovely round there, I love the bookshop on the common and the cafe over the bridge on Nightingale Lane.

How's my little friend been today?

meggie said...

What a lovely photo. It looks so tranquil.
Unlike the frenzied active little visitor to it's shore.