28 November 2007

The Countdown begins

Three more posts to go. It has been very hard over the past week to write anything and the temptation to jack the whole thing in, blog and NoBloPoMo has been quite strong. The FB has had yet another cold and the Count is still not sleeping, so by yesterday I was so shattered I could barely string a sentence together. Today, fortunately, things are much better. Still I'm really looking forward to the end of November.
My parents' visit was a great success. The meal out, as I posted briefly was fantastic. MrV's company had ordered him to take me out for a meal to thank him for all his hard work, and he was allowed to spend up to £100. After a great deal of selfsacrifice on our part, having to order course after course as well as rather a lot of booze (including a lovely rosè wine) we managed it.
Of course the best thing was being able to go out for a meal by ourselves and converse. The FB is rather hyper at preset so talking is practically impossible while he is awake.
Monday was the Tutankhamon exhibition at the Dome. The Count slept his way around it, and the FB? He was so happy to be able to wear headphones (we had an audio tour) and listen to someone talking, that he was fabulous the whole way round. Perhaps this is the way forward? Maybe if I need to get him to tidy his toys away I should tape record myself asking him to do, and invest in a walkman.
And yesterday they went home again. My mother has since been on the phone trying to book tickets to the other massive exhibition currently in London - The Terracotta Army, but alas it seems as if all the tickets have gone. Ah well


meggie said...

So glad you had a restorative evening out, force feeding yourselves!
Your Tutankhamun tour sounded great too.

caramaena said...

A nice evening out sounds good but with someone else paying sounds great :) Good on hubby's company.

Aunty Evil said...

glad you enjoyed yourself, you have well and truly earned it!

Stomper Girl said...

Well done you on eating your way through the company funds. My partner got a special dinner for 10 years service but it was a function with 50 other 10years+ people in the company. Your way sounds better, a proper date with your fellow. And no-one saying mummymummymummy the whole time.

nutmeg said...

Well, you, Aunty and Fairlie with your posting everyday have certainly blown out my commenting rates - they are very shabby indeed ;-)

Glad to read of your night out - even if the meal is crap (not that yours was!) it's just so good having an adult conversation WITHOUT children!

And you've got me VERY worried - I've never heard of an exhibition "selling out". I have got the Tutankhamon on my list to see and was also hoping to see the Terracotta Warriors. See, that's what happens when you live in Australia with such a smaller population. I hope I can at least get into the Tutankhamon????

Fairlie said...

I agree with Nutmeg...I've never heard of exhibitions 'selling out' here. What a shame...The Terracotta Army would have been very interesting.

Well done, eating and drinking your way through the allocated 100 pounds!